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 "I came across Natalia at a singing bowl training session in Singapore and was immediately drawn to her genuinely warm personality.  I then started to join her beach yoga class.  What I enjoyed the most about her yoga session is that it's really beyond the physical benefits you receive with all the poses but the peaceful and refreshing mental state it brings you after each practice.  She was also very patient and sensitive to each of our own need and physical limitation. I'd highly recommend her  guiding you through your yoga journey!"


"I am so grateful for having spent so many mornings practicing yoga with Natalia over 4 years in Singapore. 
Her classes were always a highlight every single week, that would leave me grounded, energised and connected. 
I even got her as a yoga teacher while she was pregnant and believe me she was a living Earth goddess, all connected and full of energy with that huge belly!
Natalia is truly special, devoting time to cater to each student own needs, encouraging you to go further in your yoga practice but also to listen to your own body.
She is very knowledgeable, always providing gold drops of reflection intertwined with her classes, as well as gently correcting my postures when needed to go deeper in my yoga practice.
If you are lucky enough to have Natalia living nearby, don´t miss her classes! It doesn't matter if it is the first time you practice yoga or if you have done it for years… it will change your life and soul!"
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"I have been practising yoga with Natalia for almost 2 years now. First face to face sessions in Singapore and now online . I really enjoy the classes as Natalia has a very unique style of blending both physical and mental practice . She has a lot of knowledge about the various yoga postures is able to help explain each posture beautifully  . I feel great after the session not just physically but also mentally . Natalia shares lot of information about chakras and relaxation during the class. I have learnt a lot from her about breathing techniques and how small adjustments in breathing can help improve my overall yoga practice . I highly recommend Natalia."


 "Natalia’s yoga classes were hands-down the best yoga experience I have had! Sadly, Natalia has moved from Singapore, but I’m already asking her to organize a yoga retreat I can join :) 
What I most appreciated about Natalia’s classes was her graceful introduction of a spiritual context to the practice of asanas, giving her students space to reflect and cultivate awareness. Natalia is a genuinely caring teacher who ensures her students are practicing safely and achieving the correct postures, but also listening to their bodies. She tailors each class to her students’ individual needs and this is how I got to practise, for a number of months, pregnancy-safe asanas parallel to the rest of the students in my regular class." - Katerina, Singapore (Bulgaria)


"I had Natalia as my yoga instructor in Singapore. My very first spark of love for yoga started with Natalia. Natalia is an amazing instructor, she has energy and true passion for teaching, wanting to educate and inspire others with always positive attitude. She is experienced and her background on dance is definitely a plus. I could see a great improvement in my body awareness, coordination, balance and mindfulness. And… definitely, her classes used to be my favourite “me time” of the week!"


"I had yoga lessons with Nathalia for almost a year, and I miss our Monday classes so much!! She’s an amazing teacher and an amazing soul, we could fell every class all love and connection she has with Yoga and inspired me to keep doing my practice and learning more about Yoga, as a lifestyle.


I do believe that yoga is something to be lived, not just the practice but so much more you can learn from yourself and how clearly you can see life. I’m  so glad to have been introduced to Yoga by Nathalia, definitely I could not have anyone better than her to help me start this journey and I will always be grateful for this".


"Natalia is not only an excellent yoga teacher, with an accurate technique, but a person with a unique sensitivity that brings peace and positive energy to the practice of yoga.  I had the pleasure of having her as a teacher for over two years in Singapore and now I carry our friendship and what I learned with her for life".


"I had been practicing yoga with Natalia for 5 years in Singapore. Natalia explained the yoga poses very clearly, going step by step with new moves to ensure you get the most benefits . She always encourages you to only move within your own limit as dictated by the body. She is a warm and supportive teacher. I left each session feeling relaxed both mentally and physically.  I highly recommend Natalia’s classes to anyone looking their journey into yoga.  You won’t be disappointed". 


"I’ve been practicing Yoga with Natalia in Singapore for years and I have always enjoyed it. She’s the most patient and encouraging instructor that I’ve ever had. I especially love that she’s patient when explaining the posture and what the posture is beneficial. She is very considerate of different levels of ability. Sometimes she also combines some dance movements with Yoga movements which I liked a lot. When in a small group lesson, Natalia is also keen to help everyone maximize our ability and challenge ourselves accordingly. If I had the chance to keep doing yoga with her, I certainly would"!


"Natalia knows well how to offer tough and challenging classes while caring for everyone’s practice level and body injuries; her classes are 100% connected to what the yoga principles bring to our lives: the art of integrating body, mind and soul. She is a life changing teacher and I am glad to have met her".


"I’m so grateful to have crossed path with Natalia and  practiced Yoga regularly with her by beach. 
Her classes are so grounding, adaptable for all levels, perfect combination of physical practice together with breathing and inner work. 
She is generous, super professional, sweet, caring and so Zen that just being close to her, her soothing calming vibes gets to your soul".


"Pratiquei Hatha Yoga e Meditação com a Natália por 3 anos em Singapura e essa experiência foi sem dúvida um divisor de águas na minha vida. Seu amor por essa arte, sua delicadeza e leveza me fez apaixonar por essa prática tão única e transformadora. 
Aprendi com ela o real objetivo dessa arte milenar, que busca a conexão de você com você mesma. Um caminho sem volta de autodescobrimento e o despertar da nossa espiritualidade. Profissional incrível, com muita experiência e dedicação a essa filosofia de vida". 
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